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"The People 

are what bind me
to this company."

"Jack of All Trades"
David Goldenberg Duly Promoted

“My job is very simple. I just do everything Andy doesn’t want to do,” David Goldenberg jokes. Of course he is referring to his boss, Andrew Murray.

Ten years ago Goldenberg cold-called Andrew Murray about a job. Today we’re announcing his 10-year anniversary with us as Director of Field Services with Murray Engineers--and at the same time, his well-deserved promotion to Associate.

Goldenberg says he is proud to work for Murray Engineers, a company that stands behind its work and employees.

“Why do I deserve an announcement?” he says. “I just do my best to keep our projects running smoothly. You could say I’m a jack of all trades.” 

Indeed, Goldenberg’s list of responsibilities include pre-construction meetings with clients and builders, setting client expectations, and, at any one time, overseeing 150+ active earthwork construction projects. An additional major responsibility is the day-to-day oversight and training of junior staff.

“We’re constantly hiring, and training is key to our success. I like to create a system that works for just about anybody,” he says.

He has stayed because of the “solid company culture” at Murray Engineers, and the “great relationships with the staff that I’ve built over ten years. The people are really what bind me to this company.”

Goldenberg holds a degree in Geology from University of Delaware. In his off time, he is a cyclist, biking to and from work and occasionally competing in mountain bike races.

Please join us in congratulating him on his promotion, and thanking him for his continued service.

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