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Geotechnical observation is an integral part of any construction project, as it ensures compliance with geotechnical design recommendations and project-specific criteria.  Our engineers and geologists understand the importance of communication during construction and work closely with our clients, the design team, and our technicians to provide high quality and seamless testing and engineering services.  Our local experience and highly qualified staff are well equipped to anticipate problems that may arise during construction, and work diligently with the team to help prevent them.  When construction on a project begins, our team of highly qualified field technicians can provide geotechnical observation and testing during all relevant activities, as listed below:

Our Construction Services Include:

  • Earthwork observation and testing, including keyway excavations, fillslope construction, utility trench backfill testing, engineered fill testing, granular fill beneath hardscapes and pavements testing, and retaining wall backfill testing

  • Drainage observation and installation, including swales, benches, retaining wall drainage, basement slab subdrains, crawlspace drainage

  • Foundations excavation and construction, including pier drilling, pile driving, and excavation of mat slab, spread footing, and grid foundations

  • Installation of ground stabilization measures instead of earthwork stabilization measures

  • Excavation evaluations, including basements, swimming pools, keyways, and soft soil and undocumented fill removal


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