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       In order to obtain a building permit in the Bay Area, due to soil conditions, geological fault line, or slope stability, most construction projects require input from a licensed Geotechnical Engineer (GE), a Certified Engineering Geologist (CEG), or a Professional Civil Engineer (PE). For example, a soils report, generated from a comprehensive soils engineering laboratory analysis that tests soil collected from the project site, drives the most appropriate and cost-effective geotechnical design for house foundations.

       To mitigate unstable soils, Murray Engineers provides advanced geotechnical solutions such as ground improvement, which is both an economical and eco-friendly method for soil stabilization while avoiding the need for costly deep foundations. As an integrated member of a Bay Area custom home design team, architects and structural engineers appreciate our in-depth knowledge of Bay Area building requirements, our accurate and timely soils test from our in house soils engineering laboratory, and our availability during construction for geotechnical observation and soil testing services as required by the local building department.


Our Project Expertise Includes:

• Hillside residential construction
• Commercial Construction
• Coastal Properties
• Wine Caves
• Swimming Pools
• Parking Structures
• Water Storage Tanks and Specialty Structures

• Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls
• Tie-back Walls
• Surface and Subsurface Drainage Control and Design
• Shallow Groundwater Construction
• Value Engineering

• Residential Basement Isolation System
• Ground Motion Response
• Rock Slope Stability

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