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Murray Engineers proudly supports cycling as a lifestyle and a workstyle.  Not only are many of us avid cyclists, but we ride to support several non-profit beneficiaries, including City of Hope and the Canary Foundation. On any given workday-morning or weekend-day, you’ll find many of us on the bike, riding for health and fitness, fun and business networking. After all, cycling is the new golf :)  If you’d like to join us for a ride (road, mountain or cross), please send Andy an email and we’ll add you to our list for cycling events, of which we host several each year.

We are also proud to sponsor bicycle racing. For 2016 we are super stoked to support the Woodside Beasts, a coed high school mountain bike racing team comprising members from local schools. The Beasts race within the NorCal High School Cycling League and are certified by the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). We’ll be rooting for them at their first race on March 5th, 2016! GO BEASTS!

We’re also super stoked about our racing GeoGirls!  Martina Lefterova and Echo Rowe have been tearing it up on their mountain bikes all over northern California, with high podium finishes at the CCCX series as well as the SoNoMas event and 6th places finishes for both at Sea Otter, Category 1.  See the podium shots on this page. 

SoNoMas 2016
SoNoMas 2016
CCCX 2016
CCCX 2016 #
CCCX 2016 #2
CCCX 2016 #1
Sea Otter Classic 2016
RobSeaOtterPodium 2010
















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