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San Francisco Slope & Seismic Hazard Zone Protection Act

The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection’s Slope and Seismic Hazard Zone Protection Act (current version enacted October 2, 2018) requires that geotechnical reports for certain hillside projects that fall within certain mapped hazard areas or contain slopes that exceed 25% be prepared by a licensed engineer and licensed geologist.  Certain projects may also be subject to third party peer review (Tier II and III review).  Murray Engineers, Inc. staff includes both licensed engineers and geologists with experience performing investigations, preparing reports, and with the peer review process for such properties.  For greater understanding of Slope and Seismic Hazard Zone Protection Act criteria and requirements, we have included the information below available through SFDBI.  We note that the determination of whether a project is subject to Slope Protection Act requirements is ultimately the purview of the plan checker at SFDBI.

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