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Introducing Geo Girl,

our very own Super Hero!

This is Murray Engineers' first 'kick' at comic books, and are thrilled to share the first issue of Geo Girl.  If you haven't requested your free copy already, please visit to do so. 


We hope you enjoy the epic showdown between one of Mother Nature’s geohazards and humankind’s ability to suppress it. In Issue No. 1, “GeoGirl vs. Lance Lied!” our heroine battles an all-too-common foe of hillside property owners: the landslide.


You’ll witness the villainous Lance Lied (say it out loud) conspire with his accomplice, El Niño, to destroy a hillside home and a roadway. But GeoGirl is on the scene with her superior local knowledge and experience, not to mention an amazing command of super cool technology. How will it play out?

We know you’ll enjoy the action -- and you may even learn something valuable about ground stabilization without even trying.

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